Amy Adams is Suddenly Sexy at the SAG Awards!

“The Fighter” star was glamorous and gorgeous on the red carpet.

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Christian Bale is the Birthday Boy at he SAG Awards!

“The Fighter” star gives a thoughtful interview and shares his thoughts about the movie and how he likes to spend his birthday.


Natalie Portman at the SAG Awards Discussing Baby Names!

The “Black Swan” star in $2 million worth of Tiffany jewels can use a few suggestions for baby names!


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Welcome Faith!

Nicole Kidman shares the love with “a little Faith”!


Laura Croft joins Slash at TAO afterparty

On Friday night, Slash hosted an after concert party at TAO in Las Vegas. Among his group was Laura Croft from Holly’s World.

Slash and the group, including Laura Croft, arrived upstairs in the club to great fanfare, taking over several tables on the dance floor as fans crowded to get pictures. He joined DJ Ross One in the DJ booth, announcing to the crowd that he was going to play make shift DJ and, “and interrupt your regular programming for an hour or so.” Slash started off his set with Sweet Child O’ Mine, Welcome to the Jungle and Crazy Train, setting the stage for the perfect night. After getting the party started, Slash returned to his table to watch the crowd enjoy his specially selected play list.


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