Callie Thorne in new season of Necessary Roughness talks to hot cougar Callie Thorne and other cast members of “Necessary Roughness” which is back for season 2 on USA.

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of stepping outside of the football arena?

CT: Well, my first favorite is what happens in the second episode. Or maybe it’s the third. They get tangled. But it’s the roller derby, so for several reasons…I was really excited that we were focusing on a female athlete, and then roller derby’s something that I’ve always loved watching. There was this girl I met three or four years ago, and she was an actress who on her off time was this very famous…I think they’re really called the New York Dolls. I’m not even sure. But she was a very famous New York roller derby girl, and she had stories that blew my mind, so that was very exciting to me. They created for the show a roller derby arena, but they did it very beautifully, and they got a real team together. That was (director) Rob Morrow’s episode, and I think also, because he’s an actor, they got a little bit more into that sort of stuff. And the actress that they cast as the girl with the issue was a real tough little cookie, and she was getting really involved in it. So that was fun for me, because I got to go and sort of be in there and meet all these incredible women, these tough women. I think that’s what I’m very excited about in regards to the second season. There will be way more leaving the football stadium. Although, obviously, I love going to the football stadium. [Laughs.] But that just makes it more exciting for me.

She still looks great!

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