Celebs Who Love Blackjack

Celebs Who Love Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular card game in which a person is dealt two cards face down. The object is to reach the closest to 21 based on the value of the cards. You’re going against the dealer, who is always dealt two cards and is trying to reach 21. If you go over 21 or if the dealer is closer to 21, the player automatically loses.

This, along with poker, is among the most popular games at a no deposit required casino. Many celebrities play the game recreationally and to raise money for charity causes in celebrity tournaments. It kills two birds with one stone by allowing them to play the game they love in their spare time and in some cases, win money for their charity. Others win money for themselves when playing the game in a no deposit required casino.

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Celebrity Blackjack, the Television Show

The Game Show Network (GSN) ran a show called Celebrity Blackjack, that allowed various celebrities to play the game and enter a tournament to win money for charitable causes. Various celebrities, including Ben Stein, Shannon Elizabeth, Billy Baldwin and Caroline Rhea, Kelli Williams and Lance Bass, participated. These celebrities enjoy the game and are able to give back to their causes at the same time.

They enter the tournament with a set amount of money and play their way into increased earnings. They’re competing at the table with various other celebrities who have the same goal while they enjoy the game.

Other Celebrities Who Love Blackjack

Both through tournaments and common, everyday playing,, celebrities everywhere have shown themself to love Blackjack. Former NFL players Jerome Bettis and Derrick Brooks have been involved with numerous charity Blackjack tournaments. Michael Jordan, recognized by many as a business mogul and the greatest basketball player of all time, has played many hands of Blackjack at places such as the no deposit required casino.

Many celebrities love going to Las Vegas for a weekend of partying and fun in the city and at casinos and casino hotels. Snoop Dogg, Katy Perry and Melissa Joan Hart are known for their love of Blackjack. The game is fun and those who play it, including celebrities, do so enthusiastically. Many people enjoy the card game for different reasons, but you’ll find no shortage of celebrities who enjoy playing Blackjack both in their personal lives and for charity causes.

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