‘Walking Dead’ returns soon

It’s been a pretty incredible year on AMC, with shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” returning for excellent seasons. Now another great AMC program will be back soon with Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” which has joined those shows as cultural icons. The devotion of each of these shows is intense, as evidenced by the ratings, the awards and the activity on Twitter. Fans love these shows as they scoop up memorabilia, visit a poster frame depot to hang their posters and then play video games in the case of “The Walking Dead.”

To build buzz for the new season, AMC recently “zombified” some famous celebrities in some gory and cool photos. If you look at the horror sites online, all you see is stuff from “The Walking Dead” so it’s safe to say there will be plenty of attention.

AMC is just one of many cable channels that have been changing television with these quality dramas. The formula is much different from network TV, as here true artists are given the creative freedom to express themselves without focus groups and studio executives dumbing everything down. HBO led the charge years ago, and fortunately many others are following this formula. Now, the quality of stories is better on cable TV as compared to most major movie releases. Enjoy!

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Zooey Deschanel shows off on the red carpet at Emmy Awards

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Jessica Simpson sports new body in Daisy Dukes

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Katrina Bowden in FHM

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Ashley Hooks at Chicago premiere of ‘Looper’

Here’s the lovely Ashley Hooks at the “Looper” premiere in Chicago.

Image courtesy of Sony Pictures


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