9 Online Games That Are Worth Wasting Your Time

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We all know that it is incredibly easy to waste time surfing the Internet. If you’re looking for a break from the reading today’s juiciest gossip or following the latest trending celebrity, there’s numerous games on the web that are tons of fun and help to fill those entertainment voids. You can stimulate your mind and senses while engaging in fun activities and actually be a participant in your chosen form of recreation. Here is a compiled list of some of the more popular games out there.

Arcade Games

Nostalgia is good for the soul, so take some time to enjoy these old-time pixelated games. Thankfully, ClassicGamesArcade.com has most of the games you remember:

Frogger. This little guy races across rivers and highways, avoiding cars and trucks and hopping on lily pads and logs. In case you don’t remember, it’s strangely addicting.
Galaga. There are many different types of space shooter arcade games, including Space Invaders and Galaxian, but this one still brings back memories.
Pac-Man. Another classic game from the arcade golden era, now available for free online.

Card Games

Whether you are avoiding work at your desk or planning on becoming a professional poker player, you can’t go wrong playing cards on the computer.

Solitaire. A favorite game for years before computers, procrastinators now enjoy the game without taking the time to shuffle and deal cards themselves.
Poker. If you like poker, want to start liking poker, or love the thrill of a good gamble, then you can down load online USA poker as a great hobby.
Hearts. If you love playing cards, plenty of websites allow users to link up with other users for a multiplayer game. You can play anything from Hearts to Black Jack.

Board Games

The beauty of online board games is that you can pause and resume them without leaving a mess of pieces on your kitchen table. You can also invite friends to join the game for a more social experience.

Monopoly. You can’t go wrong with a classic like Monopoly. Known as an aggravatingly long game that can take hours to play, this game is significantly easier to play online since you can pause it when you run out of time.
Settlers of Catan. A relatively new game that centers around accumulating resources to build cities and roads, this is a great multiplayer game if you live a long way from friends who have a similar passion for it.
Scrabble. This game has lots of pieces and can take forever, so the online version can be quite the upgrade. Words with Friends, the incredibly popular app, is basically the mobile version of the same game.

These are our recommendations for online games, but there are hundreds of other games out there. Which games do you love to play?

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