Movie hookups

Movie hookups

Are casual hookups as easy as what you see in the movies? This scene from “Knocked Up” with Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen is a classic, and for most of us also very familiar. That’s basically why people go to bars. Men and women are there to have a good time, and the oh-so-important ingredient of alcohol is present as well. Add in a dance floor and all of a sudden you have the perfect environment for quick hookups. Rogan’s character in this movie is a complete dork, but he’s also funny, and he’s even funnier when Heigl’s character is drinking shots. Of course in real life his conquest might not have been quite that hot, but it can happen.

Of course many people, particularly men, want to recreate this scene as often as possible. Bars and nightclubs are popular for many reasons and this is clearly one of them. But frankly it’s rarely that easy for most people. Also, many women at bars don’t go out thinking they’ll go home with someone, and they prefer to think “it just happened!” Still, there are many women out there who want to try a one night stand, and fortunately now for men it’s easier to find them since there are hookup sites devoted to just that. Some are simple adult dating sites while others are tailored more around affairs. Not everyone approves, but who cares? As much as we watch scenes like the ones above and get reminded of some great hookups in our past, making the process easier and more reliable would be great. It would also be nice not having to spend a small fortune night after night on over-priced cocktails!

Movies are fun and full of fantasies. Women love getting sucked in by sappy romantic comedies, while guys love wild movies with plenty of casual hookups. Hollywood knows how to feed us what we want. But reality can be very different of course.

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