Cougars hunting ground: where, when and how cougars hunt their prey

Cougars hunting ground: where, when and how cougars hunt their prey


We have good news and bad news.

Starting with the bad, those stories you tell your friends about how you charmed the panties off some hot stranger on the train – although entertaining – are in fact false. In all likelihood, it was you that got picked up.

The good news is that women who make an art form out of seducing young men are absolutely everywhere. All you need to do is know how to spot them and then simply play along.

Here are the top 5 places to hunt the women that are hunting you!

1. Public Transport

Particularly when living in a city, people spend a lot of time travelling from A to B. Depending on your mind-set, your daily commute can be seen as an inconvenience. However, we encourage you to view this a little differently. What if we were to tell you that cougars are looking up and down the isle of your tube or bus seeking out their next conquest? Not so annoying now, is it? View your commute as time in the shop window. You won’t pick up an older woman looking grubby, angry or tired. Think about the clothes you wear, the books you read, the persona you portray. If you saw yourself, would you want to talk to say “hey!” and take yourself to bed? If the answer is no, then don’t be surprised that it never happens. Smile. Be approachable. Most importantly, look around! You’ll be amazed how many women are trying to give somebody the eye. With just a little awareness and effort, that lucky man can be you.

2. The Gym

Cougars are incredibly active and are often in great shape. This means that a) they are likely to attend a gym on a handful of occasions every week, and b) if they can, they will attempt to double the productivity of this time by using it as a place to meet people. Guys, this does not mean every woman in the gym wants to sleep with you, but the opportunity to find hook-ups is absolutely there! Keeps things basic. Push for eye contact, smile and if she seems willing, simply strike up a harmless conversation that shows you are easy going. If she likes you, she will take over from there.

3. Weddings

Too many people hesitate about attending weddings. The most popular reason? “I don’t think I’ll know anyone.” Do yourself a favour and take a leaf out of a cougar’s book. They turn every possible social event into an exciting opportunity to meet people and weddings are a prime arena to meet your next conquest. Many people who attend weddings are in the same boat and will only know one or two people, but with one difference between this scenario and walking into a bar… you already have something in common. You know either the bride or the groom and so you have a ready-made ice-breaker. So go! Have a drink. Get chatting and before you know it, the high emotions of the occasion will lead a sexy older woman directly into your arms.

4. Online

Not so long ago, online dating was considered a portal for desperate hermits and people who had faces for radio. However, with new media developments and mobile apps shrinking the world like that magical bottle in Alice in Wonderland, people soon figured out that the next hook-up could be was just a few clicks away, and so everyone who’s anyone now has a profile on Tinder, Plenty of Fish and scores of other loyally followed dating sites. With settings allowing you to filter your searches via people’s age and location, identifying local cougars has never been easier – and the same goes for hungry cougars seeking fresh meat.

5. In a Bar

No matter what technological advances we make, hitting a good old fashioned bar will always be a top place to seek new lovers. Whether people are celebrating good news, drowning their sorrows, looking to meet new people in a new city or, most usefully, looking for a new bed-buddy, they generally gravitate towards a bar where they will drink copious amounts of alcohol. The whole system is geared towards hooking up and so your cougars will definitely pay these places a visit. As a rule, the nicer the bar, the nicer the cougars, so bare that in mind when selecting your venue.

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