Disick Might Be New Baby Daddy After Fling with Bartoli


Anyone who has been following the debacle of a breakup between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may have noticed that there is more going on than just a little trouble in paradise. Disick was recently spotted canoodling with Los Angeles-based stylist to the stars Chloe Bartoli on a yacht in France and it seems to have been the last straw for his relationship with Kourtney. It was then confirmed earlier this month that the couple was splitting after nine years together when pictures of Disick and his supposed former flame surfaced online.

The two were caught in various states of intimacy as they fed each other like high schoolers and cuddled up at the Monte-Carlo Beach Club in Monaco. Bartoli, whose celebrity styling operation serves the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez, was rumored to have previously shared time with Disick before he ultimately committed to Kourtney and had three children with her.

But the story only gets better from there. Word on the street is that Scott hasn’t been as responsible as he could be with his dalliances and that he may have put a bun in Bartoli’s oven. “Scott told a couple of friends that he was worried Chloe could actually be pregnant,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Scott is being very reckless and making bad decisions. He’s worried that he and Chloe were not careful enough.” Considering that the pictures only came to light over the July 4th weekend, it brings up a lot of questions. Was this the first time Scott had been stepping out on Kourtney with Ms. Bartoli? If not, how long was the alleged affair going on? Pregnancy rumors less than two weeks later seem a little quick, even for today’s news cycle.

It turns out that Disick’s worries may not be completely unfounded. A study on cheating found that 3 percent of children are conceived during an affair. After doing some research, we learned that the number of babies born in the United States was a little under four million in 2013 and the birth rate has actually risen a little since then. That means that, going by the 3 percent statistic, nearly 100,000 babies are born each year as a result of infidelities. So, yeah, the 32-year-old father of three might want to start planning for number four. They say that figures don’t lie, but liars end up with unplanned children as a result of cheating.

Kourtney seems to be taking things in stride while the ire of the entire Internet is directed firmly at Bartoli with surprisingly little shade being thrown at Disick. Sources are still confident that the pair will find a way to work things out. “…They’ve been through this before,” an insider close to the couple said. “He just hasn’t publicly embarrassed her like this and to this level. She says it’s over, but I know they will end up getting back together for the kids and the show.” Neither Disick nor Kardashian have publicly addressed the separation. On the bright side for Kourtney, at least this Chloe doesn’t spell her name with a “K.”

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