The Best Films on Horses and Horse Races Ever Made


The next best thing to riding a horse is watching a movie with one in it –and the latter is something even non-riders can take enjoyment from. Everyone has a childhood favourite that brings back all sorts of memories –take a look at our list and see if yours made it!

War Horse

Horses have always played a pivotal role in historical wars and War Horse is an inspirational 2011 film depicting the deep bond between a man and his horse. This stirring story explores the power of friendship and love as it is tested during times of war.


Seabiscuit tells the true story of an undersized racehorse in the Depression era that managed to inspire a nation.

The Man from Snowy River

The Man from Snowy River tells the story of 18-year old Craig, who has to start working in order to get his family’s farm up and running after the loss of his dad.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

This film tells the tale of a wild stallion, and depicts his adventures as he makes his way across the Western frontier.

National Velvet

National Velvet was the turning point for a then-unknown Elizabeth Taylor, who shot to superstardom after portraying a young equestrian who manages to win an exploited, downtrodden horse in a lottery and attempts to turn him into a champion.

The Black Stallion

Young Alec survives a shipwreck, albeit stranded on a mysterious island, along with an enigmatic black stallion, and he and the animal hunt for common ground as they try to survive. This film tells the heartwarming tale of their rescue and the incredible bond they end up forming.


This 2010 Disney film is a good choice for punters looking ahead to October’s Geelong Cup Betting as it re-lives the famous Big Red’s unrivalled dominance of the race track and follows his owner’s blind determination to make sure he gets where he needs to be.


The task of Bob Champion and Aldaniti, his horse, is to overcome numerous obstacles, and this heartwarming 1981 film is based on a true story.


Hidalgo tells the tale of a courier for the Pony Express and his horse, for whom the film is named. They travel together to Arabia in order to take part in a legendary horse racing event.


Another film based on a true story, Shergar is about an Irish racehorse who gets kidnapped by the IRA.

Dreamer: Inspired By A True Story

With an unbelievably adorable Dakota Fanning in the starring role, Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story shows us how a little girl obsessed with horses makes it her mission to rehabilitate an animal that has been injured.

The Horse Whisperer

This classic film depicts an impossibly handsome horse trainer, played by the gorgeous Robert Redford, helping a young girl, Scarlett Johansson, and her horse as they make their way to recovery after being traumatised in an accident.

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