Three Unlikely Celebrity Racehorse Owners

With horse-racing punters already looking for early tips for the Cheltenham festival, despite the event not being held till March 2015, it appears that the enduring popularity of this British institution has no end in sight. Horse-racing is a prestigious sport, with Cheltenham being one of the most highly-attended sporting venues in the UK, therefore it is unsurprising just how far people will go, and just how much money and time they will invest, in finding that glorious stallion that will cross the finish line first. However, what may be surprising to some is just how many of these winning horses are owned by celebrities, and not always the ones you would suspect. So, in honour of the upcoming Cheltenham festival, here are three unlikely celebrity racehorse owners.

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Picture of the Day

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Best “True Blood” sex scenes?

Anna Paquin  - True Blood 4

“True Blood” is mercifully coming to an end Sunday night on HBO. The show still features tons of beautiful celebrities and killer sex scenes, but the storylines have become so ridiculous even for a show about vampires.

Still, we’ll miss the great sex scenes, E Online ranked the craziest sex scenes from the show which is worth a read even if it’s set up as the usual, annoying slideshow. We’re partial to anything with the gorgeous Anna Paquin and we’ll pass on the dude scenes.


Jennifer Lopez twerking

Jennifer Lopez isn’t too happy that other celebrities like Molly Cyrus are stealing her booty thunder, so of course JLo is back with a video where all she does is twerk that booty, even with some really sexy hand placements. Wow!


The Sporting A-List

Most celebrities have some sort of talent bestowed on them, whether that be their ability to act, play music, sing, cook or dance, the majority are ridiculously talented, which makes it all the more annoying when you find out that they are ridiculously good at sports. Below are some of the most sportingly gifted A-Listers.

Lars Ulrich – Tennis

The Metallica drummer is like marmite. He is revered in the Heavy Metal world but he fell fowl with a lot of people over his disparaging remarks over Napster. Before becoming one of the most widely respected drummers in rock circles, Ulrich was a dab hand at tennis. His father, Torben Ulrich, was actually a professional tennis player, reaching the fourth round of Wimbledon, the French Open and the US Open. Lars was reportedly a top ranking tennis player during his youth in Denmark and if it wasn’t for a set of Deep Purple tickets given to him in 1973 he may have continued with the game instead of being hooked on rock. You never know, Ulrich could have once been a Wimbledon favourite and we may never have been treated to Enter Sandman.

George Clooney – Baseball

Not even bookmakers Betfair could have predicted that Clooney would get down on one knee and propose to Amal Alamuddin. However, before being known as the world’s most eligible bachelor, Clooney could have been a baseball player. The two time Academy Award winner had a trail with professional baseball side Cincinnati Reds, back in 1977. Luckily for us he didn’t make it, could you imagine a Clooney free world?

Gordon Ramsay – Football

The hot-heated chef is well known for his expletive filled verbal tirades so it isn’t too hard to imagine him as a hulking defender back in his prime. The award winning chef joined Glasgow club Rangers back in 1984, but a troublesome knee put an end to any budding football career with his boyhood club. Ramsay said of the experience “without the upset at Ibrox [Rangers’ stadium], I would not be the chef I am today.” So we thank the people at Rangers who discarded Ramsay and made him one of the biggest chefs and TV personas in the world today.

Master P – Basketball

Rapper and founder of No Limits records, Master P came as close as anyone to playing professionally, heck he had two pro contracts back in the day. The hugely successful rapper was a member of the Charlotte Hornets in the 1998-99 season and was with the Toronto Raptors in the 1999 pre-season. Although his dream to play pro ball was squashed he has certainly done alright for himself since, some sources value his net worth at $350million. In contrast, the Hornets and the Raptors have gone on to win nothing in the NBA and if Betfair are to be believed it looks like they won’t be winning anything for some time.


Emmy Rossum looks amazing in Esquire

Emmy Rossum is one of our favorite young celebrities. She’s beautiful but also comes across as that down-to-Earth Girl Next Door type you’d love to have as a girlfriend. Enjoy!


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