The Best Films on Horses and Horse Races Ever Made


The next best thing to riding a horse is watching a movie with one in it –and the latter is something even non-riders can take enjoyment from. Everyone has a childhood favourite that brings back all sorts of memories –take a look at our list and see if yours made it!

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Carol Alt in obscure film clip

Here’s a great clip from an old movie with Carol Alt showing off her body as she strips down to her lingerie for Elliot Gould. The film is dubbed in Italian which makes it an even more interesting find.


The Cast of “Fast Five” Tell Us Why This is the Best “Fast and Furious” Film, Ever!

The “Fast Five” premiere brings out the stars.

Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and others reveal why this film is the best in the franchise! Hear how they outdid themselves.


Amy Adams channels Lois Lane for upcoming Superman Film!

Amy Adams is on a roll!

Hollywood’s hot ticket is poised to play Lois Lane in the new “Superman” movie.


Marc Bouwer to debut 3D fashion film at NYFW

Acclaimed couture designer Marc Bouwer is turning fashion week on its head this spring with the first-ever 3D fashion film. The film’s debut will take place in shifts at New York’s SoHo House on the 13th of February. Incorporating the genius of Bravo Media Inc., whose clients include Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Myspace, to name a few, Bouwer has transformed the concept of a fashion show in an innovative and exciting way.

For the past several years, Marc Bouwer has utilized technology to bring high fashion to the people, showing his collections in a virtual capacity so that everyone can have a front row seat. “It’s important to me for everyday people—children, housebound fashion-lovers, college students, everyone—to be able to access the fashion world in a tangible way,” Bouwer explains. He was one of the first designers to use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools to interact with his fans, and this year is looking forward to bringing this approach to the next level with the 3D show. Additionally, the use of 3D technology aids in the viewer’s ability to see all the detail and construction of the clothing that might be missed in a traditional viewing.

The film showcases Bouwer’s current collection, highlighting some of his favorite pieces including kimono-inspired jersey knit dresses. The main character travels through a virtual, ever-shifting scene on a journey of self-exploration and growth set against one of the designer’s favorite songs, “Hey You” by Angela McCluskey. As the main character reimagines herself in each new environment, her clothing shifts to reflect different clones of her core persona. Bouwer chose the most cinematic looks from the collection, allowing the film to serve as an image piece to represent the Marc Bouwer brand.

The groundbreaking spectacle needed a star and Bouwer felt that supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel Selita Ebanks was the perfect fit. “I adore her and think she is stunning—the perfect model for this edgy, beautiful fairy tale.” Known for her exotic good looks and impeccable physique, Ebanks is much more than a pretty face. Part of what compelled Marc to use her in this exciting show is her compassion and personal mission to help people as evidenced in her work for the charity Shine on Sierra Leone.

This spring at New York fashion week, Marc Bouwer invites everyone with a love of clothes—from the fashion elite to the magazine-lover next door—into a magical 3D world of couture. Reality shifts, dreams are explored, and high fashion is so close you can (almost) reach out and touch it.


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