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Fifty Shades of Grey
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In the phenomenon “Fifty Shades of Grey”, JAMIE DORNAN and DAKOTA JOHNSON step into the iconic roles of billionaire entrepreneur Christian Grey and curious college student Anastasia Steele.

. . . and that’s a good thing, even if “Fifty Shades of Grey” looks like “Fifty Shades of Lame.” The reviews are in and they’re not pretty. Dakota Johnson, however, is beautiful and the film may be worth a look just due to her presence.

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Picture of the Day

Picture of the Day

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Olivia Munn in hot red lipstick

We have to say Olivia Munn looks pretty hot on Late Night with Seth Meyers with her bright red lipstick. Olivia is always a fun interview and here she has some funny stories about Jeff Goldblum. Of course she has to come up with something to say as her latest film starring Johnny Depp, “Mortdecai,” is a complete disaster.


Celebs who might be better off playing casino at home

Caesars Palace

There are plenty of celebs who enjoy gaming and gambling, and some of them are really good at it. But, with the world’s media able to get footage of who’s gambling where and when so easily thanks to pretty much everyone having a video on their smartphone these days, it’s surprising that you see so many celebs gambling in public.

Of course, gambling isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous. While land-based casinos continue to be popular, online gambling is becoming increasingly popular among the everyday public. Big name online casinos like bgo, Sky Vegas and 888 run very attractive bonus schemes and promotions to keep the gamers on their couches. For example, bgo online casino is currently offering a 200% first deposit bonus. However, while most of us play at home, there’s always a story or two about some celeb or other getting up to mischief in the land-based casinos.

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Bringing “The Sopranos” Back


Created by David Chase, “The Sopranos” was a long-running drama on HBO that revolved around New Jersey mobster Tony Soprano, his friends and large family. The show ran for six seasons and 86 episodes, ending in 2007. The cable station A&E picked up the show for syndication and the DVD releases of the show are some of the best-selling box sets ever. When the show finished its run in 2007, millions of fans were at a loss. After all, the show was a very important part of many people’s lives for the six seasons it ran. However, there are still ways to enjoy the intrigue and drama of The Sopranos even today. If you find yourself missing your Tony Soprano fix, consider one of these ways to bring the sopranos back into your life!


Those who live in or around New Jersey and New York can experience the world of The Sopranos in a very real way. Actor Marc Barton, who played a bit part in the series, has lead a tour of some of the most memorable “real” locations that were featured in the show. In addition to showing super-fans these locations, he shares an insider’s view of the show itself. According to a Telegraph article, those who choose to take the tour can expect to visit Big Stash’s sandwich shop, the Catholic Church that was shown to be Father Phil’s place, a seedy spot known in the show as a gambling den and even AJ’s school. Those who have enjoyed every episode will certainly appreciate seeing many of these spots in person.


Not surprisingly, there is an active market for Sopranos collectibles. This includes products created featuring characters and scenes from the show as well as “real” collectibles—old set pieces and items used in filming. A quick search for “Sopranos collectibles” on EBay shows thousands of items you can add to your collection. From T-shirts to posters and everything in between, a true fan can collect to his or her heart’s content.


Nothing matches the excitement of the show itself as much as playing along in a Sopranos-themed game. Play The Sopranos roulette game for Vegas-sized thrills with a Jersey attitude. Those who prefer gaming with friends and family may want to check out the Sopranos trivia board game, which is available from a number of online retailers. Finally, was a video game related to the series released in 2006. Available for Playstation 2, The Sopranos “Road to Respect” offered a chance to be part of the action.

The internet has made it easier than ever for fans of a show, even one that is now off the air, to connect with others. The fan community for The Sopranos is especially vibrant. If you aren’t ready to stop following Tony Soprano and the world around him, there are plenty of options out there for you. From fan fiction and discussions to exciting video-based games, you can find something that will help you in your quest to bring the Sopranos back!


Lana Wood on Blu-ray in “Diamonds are Forever”

Article Lana Wood

There are so many beautiful Bond girls in the James Bond series, but Lana Wood definitely stands out as one of the sexiest. She plays Plenty O’Toole in “Diamonds are Forever” and has one of the all-time classic casino scenes. The film is set in the early 1970s, so we see the elegant James Bond hanging around the tacky Vegas casinos as he’s dressed in a white tuxedo jacket. Plenty O’Toole is a gorgeous gold digger who loves finding high rollers and she gravitates to Bond immediately at the craps table. She approaches Bond and we have a classic scene that’s often played out in Vegas, with a beautiful woman showing off her cleavage as she’s rolling the dice. You can see in these screen shots and the video below that she deserves her “Plenty” name. She’s a stunning brunette who can definitely fill out a dress. Go to Vegas any time and you’ll see all sorts of sugar babies looking for well-dressed men with plenty of cash.

She has another great scene in the hotel room after their craps adventure when she hooks up with Bond and is basically wearing nothing. Unfortunately for Plenty, she’s one of the many Bond conquests who end up dead in the early films as she was tossed out of the hotel window.

Watching Lana Wood as Plenty O’Toole playing craps with Sean Connery as James Bond reminds of us everything we love about gambling in casinos. It has the excitement of the casino games along with all the atmosphere of Las Vegas with a beautiful women in a low-cut dress. Now that’s entertainment! Of course things have changed and now you can get the thrill of winning on sites like, but it is pretty hard to replicate Lana Wood in that setting. That’s why places like Vegas will always be a huge draw.

At least you can now enjoy the beautiful Lana Wood in all her glory by watching “Diamonds are Forever” on Blu-ray. In high def you get a real appreciation for this curvy brunette. Enjoy!

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