George Clooney Sleeps Around with “Modern Family”!


George Clooney knows how to make the Ladies of “Modern Family” happy!

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Is Lebron James just like the Kardashian sisters?

Lebron James isn't going anywhere.Everyone knows reality TV isn’t actually real, but where do we draw the line with our most prominent public figures.

Lebron James has long been known for his carefully manicured public image. He likes to be in control of what people think of him, whether it’s to sell a product or his image as a global superstar. Most of his public figure lacks substance, though, and he ends up looking more and more like a reality star and less and less like Cleveland’s long overdue messiah.

Sports by Brooks put together a great article that draws parallels between King James’ behavior and that of the Kardashian sisters.

Even forgetting every public appearance or proclamation James has made the past three years has been meticulously manufactured in advance to sell us something – be it sneakers, washing machines or himself as a global icon – the past week’s narcissifest in Cleveland is impossible for me swallow as legitimate.

James never had any intention of leaving the comfort of Cleveland despite what he’s desperately tried to make public the believe.

His deliberate misrepresentation of himself in public is no different than what we’ve seen peddled by the likes of Khloe, Lamar and other reality show drones. If there’s ever a reprise of Paradise Hotel, I think we’ve got our lead.

Check out the full article at Sports by Brooks.


Hayden Panettiere – haircut and career news

Here’s actress Hayden Panettiere sporting her new haircut as she attends the Earth Day celebration and screening of Avatar benefitting the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles in April.

Our friends at Celeb Parasite did not like the new look, calling it an “ugly dyke spike,” saying that now she’s “just a jobless midget who looks gender confused” and also make the funny claim that this is why NBC canceled “Heroes.” Harsh stuff, but Hayden has never impressed us with being very gracious, particularly when blowing off interview requests.


Cerie from “30 Rock” speaks her mind

Check out some funny videos of Cerie from “30 Rock” as she speaks her mind. Cerie is played by the gorgeous Katrina Bowden on the popular NBC program.


Post-Apocalyptic Cinematic has a great list of 15 films where humanity isn’t doing so hot. The top movie on the list is “Planet of the Apes.”

Though this isn’t actually a best-to-worst list, “Planet of the Apes” was always going to be sitting at the top. Not only has it been the subject of countless pop culture parodies (admit it, “Simpsons” geeks: you’ve been singing “I hate every ape I see / From chimpan-A to chimpanzee” since you started reading) and contains one of the greatest movie lines of all time (“Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!”), but it was a defining moment in late ’60s science fiction, leaving a legacy that even Tim Burton’s craptastic remake wasn’t able to taint…much. Everyone knows the famous State of Liberty scene where Taylor (Charlton Heston) damns the maniacs all to hell for blowing up the planet, but Earth’s real problem started with the plague that hit in 1983 (!), which killed off the majority of the planet’s dogs and cats. After a suitable period of mourning, humanity turned to monkeys and apes as pets, a regrettable decision which quickly led to simian slave labor and the inevitable uprising. At this point, things get a little sketchy, but a nuclear exchange definitely took place, and it was all downhill for humanity after that…not that apekind didn’t have its own troubles. (See “Battle for the Planet of the Apes” for details.) Good thing the mutants had the Alpha-Omega Bomb to serve as the great equalizer. Of course, their version of leveling the playing field involved leveling the entire planet, but, hey, you can’t argue with those kinds of results.

The original is soooo good, and Tim Burton’s remake is soooo bad!


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