Charlize Theron kills in in “Mad Max: Fury Road”


We always knew Charlize Theron could play a badass, but she outdoes even our highest expectations in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” a film years in the making that’s drawing some rave reviews.

Charlize discusses her role in a recent interview, and addresses the interaction with her costar:

In the film Max and Furiosa are partners. Neither could succeed without the other. Was there ever talk of a love story? It would have ruined the movie.

No, no! I can say honestly we never did that. We never went there. …There was always a very clear understanding that these were two people who got stuck with each other and had to survive, and their survival really depended on each other. That was interesting for us. I think Tom and I are both actors who have probably been in situations where the easy answer is to have them kiss. In this case, it’s more interesting and more real, and I think you feel it so much more when we just look at each other, and there’s this recognition of “Man, I have to respect you in this moment.”

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Olivia Munn in hot red lipstick

We have to say Olivia Munn looks pretty hot on Late Night with Seth Meyers with her bright red lipstick. Olivia is always a fun interview and here she has some funny stories about Jeff Goldblum. Of course she has to come up with something to say as her latest film starring Johnny Depp, “Mortdecai,” is a complete disaster.


Sofia Vergara and Bill Cosby in 2003

Bill Cosby is taking some serious heat in the media these days with all sorts of allegations about his past behavior. In light of that, this old interview with Sofia Vergara looks a little weird. Still, she’s as hot and funny as ever. She handles and deflects Cosby’s antics pretty well, and this also includes a short clip of Sofia dancing as well.


Bono’s Life Before U2

U2’s lead singer Bono is a hugely admired figure both inside and outside the world of music. It’s not just that his music with U2 has brought him devoted fans across the world — he’s a humanitarian and a crusader for the poor, who’s founded the ONE campaign and DATA. As a result both politicians and statesmen have gained a deep respect for Bono and his ability to straddle politics and entertainment like few other pop-culture stars. He has a determination to improve the world that inspires millions regardless of their politics.

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Sexy Lydia from “Breaking Bad”

OK, the Lydia character on “Breaking Bad” is a little creepy, but Laura Fraser does a great job with the role, and she has a sexiness about her as well. interviewed Laura Fraser about her role and she discusses the character:

BE: So who was Lydia when you got that first script? Has she evolved since you got that first script?

LF: Well, she’s certainly surprised me, to put it mildly. [Laughs.] Yeah, she’s sort of gone from cold to glacial. I mean, I thought she was a wee bit demented, but she’s positively deranged. I feel like she’s a clean-cut bonkers sociopath. Initially, I thought, “Oh, this is a woman who’s got into this, she’s stumbled into this meth world and is trying to get out of it, to do the best deal and then get out, and she’s always trying to protect her life and her daughter’s life. But now she’s choosing to be there. She does not need to be there, and all her sensible choices are in her blind spot, and she’s got an extremely zany take on rational behavior. She’s gone a little bit nuts. She’s a nutcase, yeah.

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