Bono’s Life Before U2

U2’s lead singer Bono is a hugely admired figure both inside and outside the world of music. It’s not just that his music with U2 has brought him devoted fans across the world — he’s a humanitarian and a crusader for the poor, who’s founded the ONE campaign and DATA. As a result both politicians and statesmen have gained a deep respect for Bono and his ability to straddle politics and entertainment like few other pop-culture stars. He has a determination to improve the world that inspires millions regardless of their politics.

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Sexy Lydia from “Breaking Bad”

Sexy Lydia

OK, the Lydia character on “Breaking Bad” is a little creepy, but Laura Fraser does a great job with the role, and she has a sexiness about her as well. interviewed Laura Fraser about her role and she discusses the character:

BE: So who was Lydia when you got that first script? Has she evolved since you got that first script?

LF: Well, she’s certainly surprised me, to put it mildly. [Laughs.] Yeah, she’s sort of gone from cold to glacial. I mean, I thought she was a wee bit demented, but she’s positively deranged. I feel like she’s a clean-cut bonkers sociopath. Initially, I thought, “Oh, this is a woman who’s got into this, she’s stumbled into this meth world and is trying to get out of it, to do the best deal and then get out, and she’s always trying to protect her life and her daughter’s life. But now she’s choosing to be there. She does not need to be there, and all her sensible choices are in her blind spot, and she’s got an extremely zany take on rational behavior. She’s gone a little bit nuts. She’s a nutcase, yeah.

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Celebrities and the Kentucky Derby

While most of the country seems to be covered in snow, it’s easy to forget that spring is right around the corner. There are tons of great events coming up like March Madness, baseball’s Opening Day, The Masters and of course the Kentucky Derby, all events where we often see celebrities coming out to enjoy themselves.

The Kentucky Derby is one of the more popular events for celebrities, as women get decked out in beautiful dresses and those amazing hats. It’s a perfect atmosphere for celebrity red carpets, and in recent years we’ve seen the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Marisa Miller. So at the Derby you can drink up your Mint Juleps, watch some beautiful women in their sexy hats, and of course bet on Kentucky Derby winners.

The video above from Maxim shows just how fun the parties can be for the Derby. Maxim of course has one of the better parties, with tons of attractive models and plenty of celebrities strutting on the red carpet. In this video you’ll see the beautiful Erin Andrews among other celebrities. The key is making an entire weekend out of the event. It’s not just about the races, the horses and placing bets, though that’s a huge part of why everyone is there. It’s really a Southern celebration, and women plan their entire weekend around the different dresses and hats they’ve picked out. Every night there are tons of parties all around town, and you don’t have to be at a celebrity party to enjoy yourself.

On race day, you can pay more to have a more elegant time in the stands, or you can get crazy in the infield with cases of beer and a bunch of wild party animals.

Either way, it’s a great time, and planning a trip there can help you get through your winter blues.


Blake Lively discusses getting dirty in “Savages”

Blake Lively is interviewed on the red carpet about the new Oliver Stone thriller – “Savages.”


Callie Thorne in new season of Necessary Roughness talks to hot cougar Callie Thorne and other cast members of “Necessary Roughness” which is back for season 2 on USA.

Q: What are some of your favorite aspects of stepping outside of the football arena?

CT: Well, my first favorite is what happens in the second episode. Or maybe it’s the third. They get tangled. But it’s the roller derby, so for several reasons…I was really excited that we were focusing on a female athlete, and then roller derby’s something that I’ve always loved watching. There was this girl I met three or four years ago, and she was an actress who on her off time was this very famous…I think they’re really called the New York Dolls. I’m not even sure. But she was a very famous New York roller derby girl, and she had stories that blew my mind, so that was very exciting to me. They created for the show a roller derby arena, but they did it very beautifully, and they got a real team together. That was (director) Rob Morrow’s episode, and I think also, because he’s an actor, they got a little bit more into that sort of stuff. And the actress that they cast as the girl with the issue was a real tough little cookie, and she was getting really involved in it. So that was fun for me, because I got to go and sort of be in there and meet all these incredible women, these tough women. I think that’s what I’m very excited about in regards to the second season. There will be way more leaving the football stadium. Although, obviously, I love going to the football stadium. [Laughs.] But that just makes it more exciting for me.

She still looks great!


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