Britney Spears – great moments on video

Here a fun look back on the career of Britney Spears with clips from her best music videos.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Here’s a nice red, white and blue outfit from Britney Spears!


Rihanna is getting all sexed up over Britney Spears!

Rihanna is letting loose!

Pent up sexuality is the theme between Britney and Rihanna as they team up for a remix Rihanna’s hit single, “S and M”.


Un re-touched Britney is Pretty Hot!

Even without photoshop the pop princess looks amazing in promo shots for her “Femme Fatale” tour!


Britney Spears Shows Lots of Skin in Out Magazine!

Britney talks plastic surgery and diet “hell” in this month’s issue of OUT Magazine.

Britney Talks Plastic Surgery


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