Celebrities will invade 2014 Super Bowl

Celebrities are always drawn to Super Bowl weekend, but this year the big game is in New York City. Yes, this will be the first outdoor Super Bowl played in a Northern city and we might just get a cold and snowy day. Still, that won’t stop the anticipated celebrity invasion to the Big Apple.

It will be led by the incomparable Bruno Mars. While you’re laying down your 2014 Super Bowl bets, he’ll be getting geared up for what should be an epic halftime show. The NFL has insisted on getting huge stars for the halftime show, but many of them have been old school rock acts like the Rolling Stones and The Who in recent years. Yes, we also had Madonna and Black Eyed Peas, but in Mars we get a star that definitely appeals to the younger generation, and particularly younger women.

The celebrities won’t be drawn to just the game. We can probably expect to see an invasion of celebrities who just hang out in Manhattan for all of the epic Super Bowl parties in the week leading up to the game. We can expect publications like Maxim and brands like Bud to have a huge presence with their parties, and this year the celebrity guest lists will be even longer. It should be fun to see how many D-Listers try to get into these parties to raise their own profile. Just showing up on a Super Bowl party red carpet can raise the profile of a celebrity dying to be talked about in the gossip rags.

Is it worth going to New York for that weekend? On the one hand these parties will be obscenely crowded and difficult to get in to. On the other hand, New York is so damn big so you’ll always find a place to party.

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