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Christina Aguilera’s Divorce is Finally Official!

Christian Aguilera’s divorce from Jordan Bratman is official today after a 6 month waiting period.

The “Burlesque” star is free to pursue her relationship with Matthew Rutler who she met on the set of “Burlsque”.

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Christina Aguilera Drama Continues!

Public intoxication is added to the list of Aguilera’s woes this year.

Her performance at the Superbowl and fall at the GRAMMYS were only the beginning for the newly divorced star.


“Burlesque” Buzz

If you think about Christina Aguilera starring in a film called “Burlesque,” you’re bound to get a little excited. Some thought the film would be a train wreck, but the reviews aren’t that bad.

Here’s Jason Zingale from Bullz-Eye.com:

There are a number of things that one can expect from a movie called “Burlesque” – like singing, dancing, and gorgeous women in revealing outfits – but it never even crossed my mind that it might actually be good. Even the film’s trailer hinted at a potential train wreck, so you’ll probably be surprised to discover that it isn’t half-bad. Though the movie features some terribly underdeveloped characters and gets caught in the allure of its own glitz and glamour, the showy musical numbers and a great debut from Christina Aguilera make “Burlesque” a lot more enjoyable than you might believe. Think “Coyote Ugly” meets “Cabaret.” You know, minus the Nazis.

Newsweek liked it as well.

Sorry, Harry Potter, but “Burlesque” is the event of the holiday season, like the drunk aunt who shows up late to Thanksgiving dinner and falls into your mashed potatoes. The acting is almost nonexistent—Cher’s face can’t move because of Botox, and Christina Aguilera’s moves even less (she can’t emote). The audience I saw it with laughed at the serious lines, and I could hear crickets during the jokes. But Burlesque is so bad that it’s good: over-the-top, ridiculous fun. As with a Taylor Swift concert or a stick of Velveeta, you can’t resist the cheese.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the public likes it more than the critics.

Check out the trailer below.


Dita Von Teese Knows how to Make an Entrance!

In the arms of President of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, burlesque artist Dita Von Teese appears on the wing of a Virgin Atlantic Airways 747-400 aircraft at McCarran International Airport.


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