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Top Ten Costliest Celebrity Cuts

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Celebrities lead expensive lives, dropping anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars on their shoes, their clothes, their cars, their…hair?

Surprisingly, coiffures for the Rich and Famous (or for the Someone-Else-Is-Footing-The-Bill and Famous) can be the priciest part of a star’s signature style. Here is a list of the top ten Costliest Celebrity Cuts of all time, starting with:

10. Kate Hudson: $650

Hudson kicks it off with admitting to one of Hollywood’s steepest dye jobs. The Fool’s Gold star spends $650 to achieve her white-gold locks, with the help of longtime LA stylist David Babaii of Neil George Salon. But Hudson isn’t the only H-Wood blonde paying serious money for their hair. Joining her is:

9. Justin Bieber: $750

Who knew the Bieb’s hair was so expensive? According to “Life & Style Magazine”, Justin Bieber’s famous ‘do costs upward of $750 per haircut (with house calls for touch-ups every 2 weeks). I guess that settles the question of whether you can accomplish the same with a salad bowl and a pair of scissors. The pop singer’s stylist is the ironically named Vanessa Price, who claims to have originated the look in 2009.

8. Anne Hathaway: $950

It should be no surprise that The Devil Wears Prada star goes all out for her brunette tresses. Hathaway comes in at number 8 for dropping a whopping $950 on her ‘do, frequenting celeb stylist Ted Gibson. Gibson’s clients also include Zoe Saldana, fellow Costly Cut Listee Kate Gosselin, and the fashion houses Channel and Prada.

7. Michael Douglas: $6,000

In 1969, an unknown 24 year-old actor was given one of the costliest on-screen haircuts in cinema history—for free! That man was Michael Douglas, who grew long hair for his debut role in the movie Hail, Hero! The locks got lopped off for a scene where Douglas’ “father,” played by Arthur Kennedy, goes to town on his “son’s” mop-top with a pair of scissors. Kennedy was paid $1,000 (the equivalent of $6,000 today) to snip it off.

Douglas also got snippy when he learned his hair would take six months to grow back, but was consoled by winning a Golden Globe for the role…and for his subsequent career.

6. John Paul DeJoria: $10,000

The chairman and co-founder of famous hair-styling company John Paul Mitchell Systems, John Paul DeJoria, is known worldwide for both his charitable donations and his salt-and-pepper ponytail. But in an effort to raise money for the Red Cross’ Asian tsunami relief fund, our stylish Samaritan offered to chop off the ‘tail!

DeJoria's asking price for his hair was $10,000, though he helped raise more than $50,000 before giving radio host Leeza Gibbons the honor of the ceremonial cut in January 2005.

5. Kate Gosselin: $21,300

Kate Plus Eight…plus another $21,292…equals reality TV’s priciest mom hair. According to insider reports, Kate Gosselin has spent a tremendous amount of money for her hair, about $21,300 total on extensions since January 2010. Just goes to show that the modern mom can have it all—provided she has a television network paying her bills.

4. Jennifer Aniston: $50,000

Jennifer Aniston, the woman who brought us “The Rachel,” and every other female hairstyle of the 1990’s, spent $50,000 on a haircut when in London promoting the movie Marley and Me. The money included airline tickets, hotel stays and other perks for the stylists in addition to the cut. I would say Aniston’s cut was the most expensive part of Marley and Me—though no word yet on how much the dog paid for his blonde coat.

3. Jerry Lewis: $250,000

John Paul DeJoria isn’t the only celebrity who decided to chop it off for the needy—just asks comedian Jerry Lewis. In 1977, McDonald's franchiser Ray Kroc playfully held his $250,000 donation to the Muscular Dystrophy Association ransom until Jerry Lewis agreed to get a serious trim. Lewis, chairman of the MDA, happily gave in, securing the money and giving newspapers the opportunity to run hair / comedy pun headlines for a week (the winner? “Cutting Up For A Cause”).

2. Troy Polamula: $1,000,000

Speaking of one million dollars, that’s the amount Head and Shoulders insured NFL superstar Troy Polamula’s hair for.

The Pittsburg Steeler gained fame for his curly mane when he was first joined the team, and notoriety for refusing to cut it in the 8 years since. Head and Shoulders saw a perfect spokesman in this modern-day Samoan Sampson and snapped him up, insuring his flowing tresses for the duration of the NFL season.

1. Paris Hilton $70,000,000

Of course, no list of exorbitant celebrity anything is complete without Paris Hilton! The celebrity is currently being sued for $70 million…for wearing the wrong hair. 

You heard me.

Seems the controversial Singer / Actress / Rich Person signed a contract in 2007 to promote hair extensions for Hairtech International. The company paid Hilton $3.5 million, but got upset when they spotted her wearing their competitors locks in magazines and on television the very next year. Hairtech turned around and sued Hilton in August 2010 for $35 mil (10 times the amount they paid her) claiming to have suffered at least $6.6 mil in losses. While Hilton’s lawyers have publicly dismissed the case as frivolous, Hairtech has not—and in December 2010 upped the lawsuit to $70 mil.

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