Kaley Cuoco gets sexy on Snapchat

Kaley Cuoco is very comfortable with her body (as she should be!) and she shared a very sexy a revealing photo on Snapchat that got all the gossip sites in a tizzy. We approve of course!

Kaley also discussed having breast implants when she was 18, and she would definitely do it again!

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Boob Tax coming in Great Britain

hot babe in sexy referee costume

Here’s an interesting bit of news. Great Briton is staring at a potential “boob tax” as the government is trying to find places where they can raise more revenues. The plan involves raising up to £500 million by enacting a Value Added Tax on cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enhancement. This would increase the cost of operations like facelifts, tummy tucks and liposuction by 20 per cent. Until now, only minor procedures like Botox got this treatment.

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Heidi Montag in a bikini on Costa Rica

Radar has some great photos of Heidi Montag in a purple bikini in beautiful Costa Rica on an amazing beach. It looks like all that plastic surgery paid off!


Take a Peak inside Holly’s World on E!

Can anyone predict what might happen? Hold your breath and welcome to Holly’s World! It just goes to show again that celebrity plastic surgery can pay off big time!

New series Holly’s World premieres at Sunday June, 13 at 10:30pm

Follow Holly as she lives, works and plays in Las Vegas.


Britney Spears gets so much attention

The press will report on Britney Spears if she does something as inconsequential as buying chewing gum, so you can imagine the hysteria she generates when she doesn’t wear a bra under her tank top. Here’s a great video of Britney where she shows off some of her better assets.

UPDATE: Britney has joined the X-Factor panel of judges, so expect even more hype around one of our more famous celebs.


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