Paris Hilton slideshow

The first photo her is probably one of the best Paris Hilton pics out there. It’s very artistic but also alluring at the same time. We put together a pretty awesome gallery of Paris dressed up to draw attention. You’ve got to love the high white boots!

Paris is trying to be taken more seriously, but she’s really all about the eye candy. After all these years of acting like a party airhead, it’s hard to be looked at as a serious performer or anyone whose opinion should be taken seriously. maybe she should somehow focus on Paris hotels?

The hotel heiress does look good though in leather!

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It’s all a matter of finding a partner who is compatible. Of course, you can search dating sites or hit the singles bars to find someone with a sense of style you admire, but nothing will happen unless and until you look in the mirror and develop your own style sense. If you want to date someone with a certain style, you have to make sure you’re compatible for them as well. It’s one of the fundamental aspects of attraction, particularly for women.


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