Sexy “Girls” aren’t enough to make it a top show

We’ve always been impressed with the eye candy aspect of “Girls” on HBO. While we wish the rest of the cast was as free with nudity as creator and star Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet all add a sexiness to the show that’s appropriate for a group of young New York City singles living life in the big city. In season 2, Shiri Appleby ratcheted up the babe factor as she was cast as Adam’s new girlfriend and ended up in some sex scenes that somehow became very controversial.

Still, looks will only take you so far, and the Dunham’s lead character of Hannah is so annoying that it almost ruins the entire show. “Girls” is one of the most talked about TV show in years, but mostly because so many critics loath the show while others admire what Lena Dunham is trying to do with the series. She’s certainly not afraid to take chances, and some of the criticisms have been idiotic.

The show wasn’t quite good enough, however, to make it onto’s annual list of the 25 best shows on television. Jason Zingale’s recent review captures their take on the show.

I had a very love-hate relationship with the first season of “Girls,” but Season Two is such a complete train wreck that it made me want to stop watching the show altogether. Dunham has created one of the most unlikable protagonists on TV (between her coke-fueled meltdown and the Patrick Wilson episode, she hits an all-time low), and Williams’ laughably insecure Marnie isn’t too far behind. In fact, the female characters have so few redeeming qualities – even Mamet’s lively Shoshanna resorts to some bad behavior this season – that it’s a wonder how the audience is supposed to keep rooting for them.

The show is still worth checking out if only for the actresses pictured above, but also because many episodes will elicit intense reactions. Check it out and see what you think.

Photos by Jessica Miglio courtesy of HBO

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“True Blood” returns tonight to HBO

Rutina Wesley and Kristin Bauer van Straten True Blood season 5
Photo by John P. Johnson/HBO

Get ready for another season of wild creatures, plenty of blood and of course sexy actresses getting down and dirty. “True Blood” is back for season 6, and while the show has slipped a bit, it’s still sexy as hell.

One of the best stories from season 5 involves the evolving relationship between Tara and Pam that culminated in a hot kiss at the end of the season. Actresses Rutina Wesley and Kristin Bauer van Straten have developed a real chemistry together, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this continues in Season 6 starting tonight.


HBO releases final collectible True Blood poster

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For the past 11 weeks, HBO has been gearing up for the True Blood Season 3 premiere by releasing a collectible poster every week. This marks the final week (and the last day!) before the season premiere and the final poster.

HBO has also released the nine character posters below. The series will likely continue its move away from (or at least parallel to) the novels. Executive producer Alan Ball has said time and time again that the show strays from the novels to give it a little more depth, focusing on broader character development over focusing solely on Sookie, who narrates the novels. For more on the series, including reviews, weekly blogs, and cast interviews, check out the True Blood fan hub at our parent site, Bullz-Eye.

Don't forget, True Blood Season 3 starts tomorrow night at 9PM on HBO.


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