Post-surgery Heidi Montag shows off her new look

This video of Heidi Montag by the pool gives you a look at the blonde bombshell as she shows off her new look after numerous plastic surgery enhancements. She’s completely bought into the L.A. barbie doll look and says she’ll always use surgery to make her feel better.

Apart from the boob job, can you guess what else she had done? She’s not a plastic surgery nightmare . . . yet!

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Hayden Panettiere – haircut and career news

Here’s actress Hayden Panettiere sporting her new haircut as she attends the Earth Day celebration and screening of Avatar benefitting the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles in April.

Our friends at Celeb Parasite did not like the new look, calling it an “ugly dyke spike,” saying that now she’s “just a jobless midget who looks gender confused” and also make the funny claim that this is why NBC canceled “Heroes.” Harsh stuff, but Hayden has never impressed us with being very gracious, particularly when blowing off interview requests.


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