Eva Mendes in lingerie

Here’s the gorgeous Eva Mendes prancing around in some killer lingerie from the movie “The Woman.” We love the thigh high stockings on this hot Latina and how she flashes that million0-dollar smile as well. She’s incredible!

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Looking back on classic Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has taken some heat lately for how she’s ballooned up a bit with her pregnancy. With these classic shots we can all see just how gorgeous she can be, and hopefully she hits the gym, skips the ice cream and gets her pretty fanny back in shape! We included some great bikini shots, and off course had to include a Daisy Dukes photo.

Here’s a great movie clip from “The Dukes of Hazard” as well.


Christmas movies – Téa Leoni looks her best in “The Family Man”

Téa Leoni is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and she’s never looked better than how she looked in “The Family Man.” Check out the clip above if you want to see for yourself.

The film is a good rental for the holidays. Nicolas Cage has made some great movies and he’s also made his share of stinkers. This role won’t be listed as one of his best, but he’s excellent in this film as well. Cage plays a single guy who has it all when it comes to freedom and material things, but then he’s given a taste of what he’s missing by not having married his college sweetheart. That’s where Téa Leoni comes in. If any character can convince a bachelor that marriage is worth the trade-offs, Téa Leoni’s character in “The Family Man” is the one!


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