Classic Amber Heard

We were bummed when her TV show was cancelled last year on NBC, as Amber Heard was simply beautiful as a bunny.

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We love Amber Heard

If “The Playboy Club” on NBC manages to stay on the air, Amber Heard is going to be a huge star. She’s stunning on that show, and she’s also stunning below.


Cerie from “30 Rock” speaks her mind

Check out some funny videos of Cerie from “30 Rock” as she speaks her mind. Cerie is played by the gorgeous Katrina Bowden on the popular NBC program.


Conan O’Brien breaks silence on 60 Minutes

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Since losing “The Tonight Show” and getting replaced by Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien has stayed off of television as a result of his contract with NBC, though he’s been making quite a splash on Twitter. Last night he appeared on “60 Minutes” and you can see the video above.

In many ways, I think all will work out fine for Conan. His new show on TBS will be perfect for him. Of course it must hurt to lose “The Tonight Show,” but he may be better off on a cable network as he won’t have the pressure to alter his style for a wider, mainstream audience.

Conan’s main point is that he wouldn’t have taken back the show if he had handed it off to someone, and in that respect he has a great point. Leno may have been forced out too soon, but he then took the show back. Not his best moment . . .


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