Hugh Hefner celebrates his 84th birthday interviewed Hugh Hefner as he prepared to celebrate his 84th birthday at the Palms in Las Vegas. Hef explained that this one was of the happiest times of his life, and he seemed very content with his relationship with Crystal Harris. Also, when asked about how others view him, he had an interesting quote.

Long ago, I said that quite frankly my life is like a Rorschach test, an ink blot test. People can make their own dreams and fantasies and prejudices onto my life.

What you know about me is very much related to…it’s very subjective and very personal.

He’s right in many ways. What you think about Hef usually says more about your own views on the world, particularly in the areas of morality and sexuality.

Hef is still very involved in the month-to-month publishing of Playboy magazine and seems very comfortable with his current role with the company, even in the current market climate.

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