Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Spend Valentine’s Day Apart!

Kim and her “Baller Boy” Kris Humphries will be working apart on Valentine’s Day.

She’ll be keeping things very simple this year.

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Is Lebron James just like the Kardashian sisters?

Lebron James isn't going anywhere.Everyone knows reality TV isn’t actually real, but where do we draw the line with our most prominent public figures.

Lebron James has long been known for his carefully manicured public image. He likes to be in control of what people think of him, whether it’s to sell a product or his image as a global superstar. Most of his public figure lacks substance, though, and he ends up looking more and more like a reality star and less and less like Cleveland’s long overdue messiah.

Sports by Brooks put together a great article that draws parallels between King James’ behavior and that of the Kardashian sisters.

Even forgetting every public appearance or proclamation James has made the past three years has been meticulously manufactured in advance to sell us something – be it sneakers, washing machines or himself as a global icon – the past week’s narcissifest in Cleveland is impossible for me swallow as legitimate.

James never had any intention of leaving the comfort of Cleveland despite what he’s desperately tried to make public the believe.

His deliberate misrepresentation of himself in public is no different than what we’ve seen peddled by the likes of Khloe, Lamar and other reality show drones. If there’s ever a reprise of Paradise Hotel, I think we’ve got our lead.

Check out the full article at Sports by Brooks.


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