If it works for Rihanna…

Rumors are that Rihanna has recently been having psychic readings and speaking with a fortune teller to help her find out which way her career is headed. The superstar can’t have that much time to herself these days, as she’s always performing on stage or in the studio, or generally just living the spoiled princess existence of a pop queen. But apparently she takes omens and signs very seriously and is concerned that her ride at the top of the charts will not run forever. So she’s asked a psychic to see what the future holds for her.

Rihanna isn’t doing something new here; people have consulted soothsayers and psychics for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. For many people talking to a psychic about what the future holds has helped them make huge life-changing decisions and perhaps Rihanna likes the idea of getting an objective view on her life through someone with psychic intuition rather than relying on her management team and friends and family for advice. In theory at least, she should get more objective advice from someone who is not connected to her and her career.

But it’s difficult to say that Rihanna is taking the lead here. Today, more and more people are consulting psychics and mediums as a matter of course. They can help make decisions about anything and they’re easily available through the internet. Most psychics now host their own sites so that potential clients can book a reading at a time that suits them. Some psychics work through larger associations like Thecircle.com and people who are new to psychic readings often feel reassurance in booking a reading through a site like this, as each of the psychics has been vetted by the site before they can become a part of it. Celebs would be guaranteed a level of anonymity in booking a psychic this way as you don’t have to meet them in person; you can have a reading over the phone, email or even by SMS.

Who knows whether Rihanna will continue to seek the advice of psychics, but one thing’s certain – if you’ve never tried something, you won’t be able to tell if it works for you or not! Try it for yourself next time you have big choices to make – it can only give you another viewpoint and it may be just provide you with the insight that you need.

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