Rachel McAdams looks stunning on the Oscars red carpet

That’s a killer dress . . .

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Will Michelle Williams grab an Oscar for Marylin?

Are you ready to enter your pool for The Oscars? It’s that time of year again as movie fans and celebrity aficionados watch all the award shows and the red carpet events. Some are boring, and some are fun when you have edgy guys like Ricky Gervais hosting the events like he does for the Golden Globes.

But the real action is at the Academy Awards. Las Vegas sportsbooks post odds on the events, and countless people enter into pool with their friends or at the office. Michelle Williams is naturally getting a ton of buzz for her role in “My Week With Marylin.” Playing an iconic sex symbol certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re looking for attention at award time.

Many of these pools are online, as that’s where much of the fun is these days, from online fantasy sports to online bingo. To update yourself about latest free bingo offers, visit super free bingo sites. This week it’s the Super Bowl getting all the buzz, but the Oscars are definitely the next big thing.

Go online, do your research, and you might just win your pool. Look for experts like Roger Ebert and others like him.


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