Brie Larson starts a YouTube channel

We LOVE Brie Larson . . . but it will be interesting to see how her new YouTube channel works out.

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Eminem breaks the 1 billion view mark on YouTube

Eminem usually wouldn’t want to be lumped in with Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, but today, those two are some of his closest peers. Eminem joined Bieber and Gaga yesterday as one of three people to receive one billion views on YouTube.

The news broke when Famecount, a site that tracks social media presence for the world’s most influential people, announced the milestone. From the press release:

The US rapper is only the third individual in history to make this key digital milestone. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber each achieved 1bn views in a close fought race at the end of last year. Since overtaking Lady Gaga at the end of last year, Justin Bieber remains the world’s top YouTube star with over 1.3bn views on his main official YouTube channel.

Eminem, who has seen his social media fame rocket following the release of Recovery last year, remains the third most popular star on YouTube, just ahead of Rihanna – who herself is set to break the billion view milestone within the next two weeks. Eminem is also the second most popular living star in Facebook, where he is in currently battling to dethrone Lady Gaga. However, Lady Gaga retains a clear lead over all rivals on Twitter.

Congratulations to Mr. Mathers on the achievement. Can he dethrone Lady Gaga? Presently, all signs point to yes.


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