Actress Spotlight: Melissa Bolona

For our focus this week, the spotlight hails on Greenwich, Connecticut born, Los Angeles/New York City-based actress, Melissa Bolona. As you can see from the photo above from her Instagram account, she’s beautiful and can rock a pair of wild sandals!

Melissa Bolona is most certainly a Hollywood name to keep an eye on as the new year approaches. As revealed by her IMDB profile, Melissa initially studied abroad at The American Business School in Paris, and ended up graduating from Pace University in New York with a Degree in International Marketing. While overseas, Melissa followed her passion and indulged in the study of film acting, which led her to linking with famed acting coach Harold Guskin.

After making her debut in the likes of “The Saint” and “The Ten,” as well as “In Stereo,” Melissa found herself building her resume in the likes of the John Travolta-starring film “I am Wrath,” “Shark Lake,” “Billy Boy,” “Frat Pack,” “The Year of Spectacular Men,” “The Neighbor,” “Cops and Robbers,” “Snipped in the Bud,” “The Institute,” and “Dog Eat Dog” which features Nicolas Cage.

That being said, while Melissa builds some acting momentum, we should also point out the forthcoming, much-anticipated release of “Category 5,” which is being directed by the well-known Rob Cohen. Other films to look forward to from Melissa include “Malicious,” being directed by Michael Winnick, and “Dog Eat Dog,” which was just recently premiered on November 4th in Los Angeles and New York City, directed by Paul Schrader and starring Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe.

For more on Melissa Bolona, be sure to check her full IMDB spread here, and stay tuned for a lot more from soon-to-be star from Greenwich, Connecticut.

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