5 Places you just have to visit if you want a Celebrity Inspired Holiday

If you are heading out on a vacation, then you want the experience to be able to leave you feeling like a true star. You want to be thoroughly pampered, given only the finest cuisines and be allowed to relax in a completely idyllic environment. Where you go, the choice is yours, but honestly, if you want to receive the best vacation experience, then you just have to look into some of the hot spots of the rich and famous. Celebrities always know how to relax in style. After all, they expect the best treatment and service. If you are interested in seeing these celebrity paradises fully realised on your vacation, then you just have to visit some of these fun holiday locations of the rich and famous.


Celebrity Sightings:Calvin Harris, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kate Moss, George Michael, Freddie Mercury


With its private glossy beaches, sizzling weather and fierce party life, it is not surprising that Ibiza is a celebrity hot spot. Whilst some love to use the tranquil waters to charter a yacht, go scuba diving or just swimming, there are others who love using it for its “super-clubs” and “super bars.” Once you have finished with your night of high-energy music and intense drinking, you can actually enjoy the beauty of Ibiza’s beaches at night, such as “Playa d’en Bossa”, where you can simply lie back under a parasol or go have a quick midnight swim. It is the perfect place to chill out, especially as you will still be able to listen to the music of the clubs drifting from the beachfront DJs.

Ibiza is the sort of celebrity holiday for those looking to mainly relax on the beach or swim in the ocean. The heat will instinctively want to make you chill out. So grab your beach towel and swimsuit, for you are about to experience a vacation spot that will make all of your cares drift away, especially if you get to experience one of Ibiza’s holistic spas!


Celebrity Sightings:Katy Perry, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman

hawaii scenery

No matter who you go with, whether you go on your own, with a friend or even one of Bubbles Luton Escorts, one of the celebrity hot spots that you have to experience in Hawaii. Hawaii is a sandy touch of paradise that is located in the U.S. as a volcanic island. It is beach lover’s image of the idyll, especially due to its renowned cliffs, waterfalls, tropical beaches, beautiful foliage and its amazing array of gold, black, red and even green sands.

You can choose to chill out on one of the beaches of Maui, Oahu, Kauai or Honolulu, or even go out to explore the volcanic scene of the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Diamond Head or Haleakalā. It is an island of many possibilities, for adventurers who want to explore the wildlife of the island, lie on the beach or even just indulge in a cocktail over a fancy dinner. The climate is always extremely warm, so just be sure to get out early so you can find the best beach spot!


Celebrity Sightings:Elle Macpherson, Jack Nicholson, Mariah Carey, Lewis Hamilton, Nichole Scherzinger

aspen mountain and scenery

Of Course, not everyone wants to have a holiday in the sun. If you are after an idyllic view of snowy hills and the chance to either scope the slopes or relax in a hot tub, then the perfect place for you is Aspen. This is known celebrity hotspot, or should we say “coldspot”, especially as many celebrity families choose to come together in order to bond over a warm fire inside of a Mountain Division Hut or Luxury Ski Resort.

In Aspen, there is the chance to go skiing, snowboarding, snow sporting or even ice skating. However, if you start feeling a little chilly or a bit battered and bruised, then you just have to either indulge in Glenwood Springs, a perfect hot spring resort to chill out, or even get a taste of the high-life by visiting the Wheeler Opera House. The choices for relaxation and tranquility are endless!


Celebrity Sightings:Rihanna, Mark Zucherberg, Mariah Carey

capri italy

If you are looking for a Euorpean Celebrity Hot spot, why not give Italy a shot? Italy is known for its gorgeous culture, artistic hideaways and delicious food, which is why Capri is such a popular celebrity getaway. If you are after a little bit of exploration to start off your holiday, why not look at the Blue Grotto, Monte Solaro, Villa San Michele, The Gardens of Augustus or Villa Jovis? Each of these places is cram packed full of history and beautiful views. You just have to take a picnic to indulge in the dreamy landscapes or cool down from the heat in one of the famous Gelaterias, such as Buonocore.


Celebrity Sightings: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Elisabeth Taylor, Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey, Roger Moore, John Malkovich

dubrovnik croatia

Naturally if you are after a celebrity-inspired holiday, you just have to visit Croatia. Not only is Dubrovnik one of the main destinations that inspired Game of Thrones, but it is a favourite location for old-school celebrities. Not only can you actually go on a tour of Dubrovnik with one of the Game of Thrones Ships, but if you are an active tourist then you can actually walk around the city walls. Dubrovnik’s city walls were created in the 13th century and are brilliant for those looking to indulge in the full view of the city. Once you have finished then you can settle down in the city square with an icy cocktail to cool off.

Croatia is known for its gorgeous beaches (such as Banje), vibrant blue seas and accessible islands. Not only can you chill out at Dubrovnik, but you can also quickly grab a boat and simply scout across the ocean to take in the different cultures on the islands. One of the best places to visit is Lokrum, an uninhabited island, that has diverse ruins that have been completely overrun by nature. Whilst you cannot stay the night, due to ancient superstition cursing anyone who stays on the island, you can still indulge in the saltwater lake, botanical gardens and even the wandering company of peacocks.

Prepare yourself for Pampering

Normal life can be stressful with its frantic routines and professional commitments. That is why you deserve to be treated like a celebrity when you go on holiday. Of Course, your holiday needs to be personalised to suit all of your needs. But by choosing any of the aforementioned venues, you will always be treated like royalty and get to experience a vast array of cultures. You deserve to relax, just make sure that you do it in style!

Content Writer: Hannah Fletcher

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