Katrina Bowden accepts Esquire honor

Here’s a video where Katrina Bowden accepts her “sexiest woman alive” honor from Esquire. You can see her profile for Esquire here. I have to admit to being a fan of the cute booty shorts they have her wearing.

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Sofia Vergara’s Esquire video

We have to give the gang at Esquire credit for this fun and sexy video feature one of the women they love – the stunning Sofia Vergara.


Evan Rachel Wood is “Up for Anything” in Esquire!

The “True Blood” star embraces her androgynous tendencies and reveals her hot, all girl bod, in Esquire!

Her on-again, off-again relationship with singer Marilyn Manson doesn’t limit her bi-sexual desires.


More Ways to Love Monica Bellucci!

Esquire is featuring Monica Bellucci’s new book of photographs, Nine Ways.

The beautiful Bellucci offers up a collection of photographs by some of the world’s best photographers.

When I was a young girl I would daydream while looking at the photographs by Helmut Newton, Bruce Weber, and Richard Avedon, but I never had the body of a model. I was tall, but not tall enough, and curvaceous without ever wanting to be thin. I’ve never sought the perfection dictated by laws of the fashion world. Maybe it’s because I don’t believe in perfection or in any law that demands that we all look the same. Yet this book represents more than twenty years of my life in front of a camera. I’ve offered myself to its gaze, with creativity, and also by giving into my femininity.

Read the story and see more photos in Esquire.


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