Christina Hendricks Looks Amazing in Vivienne Westwood; Dishes on “Mad Men”!

Christina Hendricks can’t wait to get back to work on “Mad Men!”

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“Mad Men” star Christina Hendricks might be the sexiest redhead…ever.

Best known as Joan from the hit AMC show “Mad Men,” the 35-year-old bombshell from Knoxville has been bouncing around television (no pun intended) for the last decade. And get this — she’s naturally a blonde, but has been dying her hair since she was 10 years old.


Christina Hendricks Smolders in British GQ!

The sultry star of Mad Men does an interview with British GQ.

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What is it that makes Joan [her character on ‘Mad Men’] special?
Joan’s a dream to play – she’s not always prancing around the office. There’s that side to it, which is really fun, but there’s nitty-gritty. She’s what makes the workplace so fun – in a workplace that can be so dark and so much tension, Joan gives some levity. And the wonderful thing is she still has these darker moments among the fabulous highs.


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