Miley Cyrus and her low cut dress

Miley Cyrus has enjoyed showing off her impressive figure since she became an adult. Here she has a low-cut dress as she poses with her studly fiance. How much time to we give this relationship? Shouldn’t she be out there having fun and playing the field? Celebrity relationships don’t have a very long track record.

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Miley Cyrus says they’re real!

Miley Cyrus created quite a stir with her low-cut dress as she strutted on the red carpet at the American Giving Awards. You can see some serious cleavage in the shot above. Miley decided to tweet about it and proclaim that “these babies are mine.”


Miley Cyrus Warms Up to the Papparazzi!

With family feuding in the past, Miley can smile again!

Parents Billy Ray and Trish have burried the hatchet and the “Smiley Miley” is back!


Miley Cyrus to Host Saturday Night Live!

Say it isn’t so!
I’m sure that it will be “really cool”!


Miley Cyrus Cuddles with her Co-Star in New Orleans!

Onscreen romance goes offscreen!
A new movie brings new love for Miley Cyrus and her co-star Josh Bowman!


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