Sarah Hyland looks very sexy on Golden Globes red carpet

“Modern Family” star Sarah Hyland looks pretty amazing in a low cut dress on the red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globes. Check out the video above and wait till you see her show up!

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Celebs look beautiful on Golden Globes red carpet with great jewelry

Top jewelry brands supplied some beautiful jewelry to help dress up some lovely celebrities on the red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globes. Melissa Rauch, who plays the hilarious Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz on “The Big Bang Theory,” wore Simon G. Jewelry. Every nerd in America probably has a crush on the lovely Melissa, who shows off her curvy figure in this dress without the nerdy glasses she sports on the show.

Also, “Nashville” star Hayden Panettiere looked great in Forevermark Diamonds, “Extra” host Maria Menounos wore Forevermark Diamonds Bangles and Ring and tall beauty Stacy Keibler wore Forevermark Jewelry as well.

Photo credit: courtesy of the jewelry brands


Miley Cyrus and her low cut dress

Miley Cyrus has enjoyed showing off her impressive figure since she became an adult. Here she has a low-cut dress as she poses with her studly fiance. How much time to we give this relationship? Shouldn’t she be out there having fun and playing the field? Celebrity relationships don’t have a very long track record.

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80s stars that we love

Who’s your favorite 80s star? I have a ton of them, but Heather Thomas definitely ranks up there. She starred as Jody Banks on “The Fall Guy” from 1981 through 1986 and was a sensation. You can see from the poster to the right why she was so popular. I had this poster in my room in college as did many other guys back in the day. She was a stunning blonde with an incredible smile. She had a girl next door type personality but looked like a blonde bombshell.

Another popular pinup icon from the 80s has to be Madonna, and with these two you see polar opposite styles. Both are sexy as hell, but Madonna had much more of a bad girl persona and she pushed 80s fashion with some of her wild styles. When you think of celebrity sexy outfits Madonna always comes to mind regardless of what era you’re thinking about.

You can keep both of these celebrities in mind if you’re thinking about looks for an 80s theme party. Now if you’re looking for eighties dress ideas you might want to look back on old episodes of “Dallas” instead of these two. With Madonna the sexy lingerie and bohemian look stands out, while Heather Thomas is more casual.

Now if you’re party has an older 70s theme instead, you can look to shows like “Charlie’s Angels” for inspiration for a fancy 70’s dress.

Either way, these theme parties are fun. Women love to dress up, and guys love it when women get decked out in sexy outfits. Everybody wins!


Katherine Heigl looks hot in black dress

Katherine Heigl arriving at the premiere of “New Year’s Eve” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in LA.


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