Lana Wood on Blu-ray in “Diamonds are Forever”

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There are so many beautiful Bond girls in the James Bond series, but Lana Wood definitely stands out as one of the sexiest. She plays Plenty O’Toole in “Diamonds are Forever” and has one of the all-time classic casino scenes. The film is set in the early 1970s, so we see the elegant James Bond hanging around the tacky Vegas casinos as he’s dressed in a white tuxedo jacket. Plenty O’Toole is a gorgeous gold digger who loves finding high rollers and she gravitates to Bond immediately at the craps table. She approaches Bond and we have a classic scene that’s often played out in Vegas, with a beautiful woman showing off her cleavage as she’s rolling the dice. You can see in these screen shots and the video below that she deserves her “Plenty” name. She’s a stunning brunette who can definitely fill out a dress. Go to Vegas any time and you’ll see all sorts of sugar babies looking for well-dressed men with plenty of cash.

She has another great scene in the hotel room after their craps adventure when she hooks up with Bond and is basically wearing nothing. Unfortunately for Plenty, she’s one of the many Bond conquests who end up dead in the early films as she was tossed out of the hotel window.

Watching Lana Wood as Plenty O’Toole playing craps with Sean Connery as James Bond reminds of us everything we love about gambling in casinos. It has the excitement of the casino games along with all the atmosphere of Las Vegas with a beautiful women in a low-cut dress. Now that’s entertainment! Of course things have changed and now you can get the thrill of winning on sites like, but it is pretty hard to replicate Lana Wood in that setting. That’s why places like Vegas will always be a huge draw.

At least you can now enjoy the beautiful Lana Wood in all her glory by watching “Diamonds are Forever” on Blu-ray. In high def you get a real appreciation for this curvy brunette. Enjoy!

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Jill St. John looks amazing in “Diamonds are Forever”

Article Jill St John

Jill St. John is definitely one of the iconic Bond babes with her role as Tiffany Case in “Diamonds are Forever.” She appears as a blonde, then a brunette and then finally as a redhead in this film, while sporting all sorts of sexy outfits from bikinis to lingerie. takes a look back at this 1971 Bond film, the last one for Sean Connery before giving way to Roger Moore.

“Diamonds are Forever” is now available on Blu-ray so you can enjoy the beautiful Jill St. John in amazing high definition.

Jill St John 4


Classic Bond Babe: Daniela Bianchi

She was am Italian model, but Daniela Bianchi was cast as Russian spy Tatiana Romanova in the second James Bond film, “From Russia with Love.”

She has an incredibly elegant look and she really looks great in this film. Check out “From Russia with Love” on Blu-ray and you’ll see her in all her glory.


Iconic Bond Girl Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder

The Bond babe phenomenon got kicked off in “Dr. No” when the ultra sexy Ursula Andress emerged from the sea in her bikini onto the beach in Jamaica. For that reason, Honey Ryder might be the most iconic Bond girl character. You can watch the scene in the video below. is tracking all the Bond movies and Bond actresses in their new James Bond Fan Hub.

“Dr. No” is now available on Blu-ray, so now you can see Ursula in all her glory!


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